Week 2 – The Jubilee Walk

I was planning on doing a walk through Hampstead Heath today finishing it off with a winter swim. But the replacement lens cover for the camera didn’t arrive in time. So the camera wasn’t waterproof; so I decided to postpone that adventure till next week. Which meant that today I did the Jubilee Walk.

The Jubilee Walk is a route through London that was created in 1977 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne.

London has been home to me for almost 2 years now. Isn’t it silly how we don’t tend to do the ‘tourist’ things in our own city?! Well, today I had the opportunity to pass many of the finest sights in the city. This included the Millennium Eye, South Bank, Borough Market, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, St Pauls, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and many more.

As I walked around London town I was in awe of the…well…oldness of it all! Im from Sydney, Australia and if we have places that look ‘old’ its because they have been built to look like that. But in London, these places just ARE old! I walked passed All Hallows by the Tower, which is Londons oldest church dating back to…675! Stuff like that just hurts my brain.

The Jubillee Walk is marked by silver plaques on the pavement. I have walked down South Bank more times than I can remember and I have never noticed these plaques before. Today I saw them everywhere. I was reminded that sometimes there are things right in front of us and we miss them because we are too busy, too preoccupied and too much in a rush.

I want to encourage you to get out into your city; see a tourist sight you haven’t before and keep your eyes open for things you’ve been missing!

ps. I’ve made a short film to go along with this weeks walk as well, its nothing special…just a bit of fun!


One thought on “Week 2 – The Jubilee Walk

  1. oh wow that guy is good with math haahha i was lost after 32 haahaa ive been to korea once..looks like you had fun hehehe and the yummy food makes me hungry urgg

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