Week 3 – Hampstead Heath Circuit

Life has been a tad stressful this week. Im juggling a lot of things. Im planning a wedding, an expedition, my ‘A Walk A Week’ project, work, writing and just life in general!

Today my walk felt like an…inconvenience? I’d been asked to write an article for the Death Railway expedition and amongst the billion other things on my to do list a walk in the heath didn’t seem a priority. Nonetheless I got up early and headed over to Hampstead Heath to complete the 9.6km circuit walk. Well, I gotta tell you it was worth it! There is something about getting out into the fresh air, walking and feeling alive!

I’m thankful that in the middle of London there is a park like Hampstead Heath that allows one to escape from everything, even if just for a little while, and relax.

If your having a stressful week, feeling overwhelmed, or are in need of a little adventure – search them out in your very own city! An adventure is there, its just waiting for you to discover it. Ok, now GO…


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