Week 7 – A Walk A Week – ‘A Walk of Commitment’

Its Week 7 of my project ‘A Walk A Week’. So far I’ve walked different terrains and distances and its been amazing, refreshing and uplifting to get out and see more of this beautiful country. This weeks walk is a little different. This weeks walk is inside and its only 10 metres long. But this weeks walk is one of most significant walks of my life. It may only be 10 metres long but it is a walk that symbolises a change in my life. For at the end of that 10 metre walk will stand a man, and I will marry that man!

The walk this week symbolises commitment. I will walk down the aisle in our church and in front of my friends and family and most importantly in front of God I will commit my life to this relationship. I will forsake all others and promise to put myself second and us first. Its not an easy thing to do and I know that some days marriage will test me.

Every walk I do I want to be tested, pushed and challenged. Usually that comes in the physical sense and in the mental. This weeks walk will test my commitment and my faith in love. I’m looking forward to my 10 metre walk; its going to change my life forever. I’m about to embark on the adventure of my life!


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