Reflections on the past 8 walks of ‘A Walk a Week’

‘A Walk a Week’ began as a training program for the longer walk of 300km that Ill be doing in Thailand later this year. But this project of getting out once a week to do a walk has become so much more than just training.

This project is teaching me about discipline; no matter how Im feeling, what the weather is like, where I am, or how busy I am – I must get out once a week and walk.

Each walk gives me much needed time and space to myself. Living in London can sometimes be overwhelming. So I really value the day I spend in the outdoors each week. Im able to get away from it all and just enjoy my own company and breathe in the air around me. Also, Ive discovered some really beautiful, wild parts of London!

On my walks I always take the time to focus on a theme. Such themes so far have been: endurance, an adventure in your own city, history, walk of commitment, new cultures. Its been uplifting to allow my mind to sit on a particular topic and ponder.

I really value my walks- they keep my body fit, my mind clear and it gives me a sense of purpose and direction. I can’t ask for much more than that!

Im looking forward to my final 7 walks…


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