Review ‘A Walk a Week’

At the start of this year I wanted to get serious about training for the upcoming Death Railway Expedition I was to be doing in April/May. I came up with the idea of doing a walk a week. I started with the Norfolk Coast Path. Those four days walking the path in the freezing cold, rain and mud were amazing. It was the first time Id done anything like that by myself and it was such a thrill. I think the ‘A Walk a Week’ project really got its kick from that first walk. It was then I realised I could make little videos for each, that each could focus on a theme and that I was gonna get to do this every week!

I have loved my ‘A Walk a Week’ project. Some walks have pushed my limits others have been so much fun!
I’ve gained so much from getting out each week and doing these walks. Its taught me about discipline, motivation, courage and the benefit of physical activity. I would always feel really good after each walk.

I hope that these walks have inspired you in some way. Whether to get out and do some walks of your own, or to start pursuing one of your own passions. If your down, bored, lonely or feeling purposeless I cant recommend enough getting out into the world and DOING something you LOVE.

So what are you still sitting reading this for, GET OUT AND GO!!


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