Travelling in Bangladesh

When you think of Bangladesh what comes to mind?





When deciding where to have my next adventure I asked around and did a bit of research about this tiny country of Bangladesh. I was told by one friend who used to live there I might be better of visiting Nepal. The internet was telling me there was no tourist industry established in the country. I was intrigued. Why was I being told not to go to Bangladesh? I was looking for a place to visit that was unusual, different and not the norm. If Bangladesh was not a tourist destination, then that was the exact type of place I was looking to visit. One website stated, “You have to be a tough cookie to travel Bangladesh.” I’d read enough reasons not to go to this country and to me they were all the reasons why I wanted to go.

I’m pleased to say that Bangladesh gave me the adventure I was seeking. For the next few weeks I’ll be doing a blog series called Travelling in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is not on the normal tourist trail. Most foreigners who go to Bangladesh are aid workers, volunteers and such. During my travels I saw a handful of white people (by a handful I mean 5) and only one of them was an actual traveller. I’d like to share with you, as a traveller, some of the highlights and lowlights of travelling through this fascinating country.


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