My First Children’s Book

I’ve always wanted to write. I love communicating with people. A few years ago I published my first book. It was an incredible experience as writing a book is extremely difficult! But I did it and I am super proud of what I achieved.

I have always wanted to do a children’s book though. The problem was I didn’t have an idea and I don’t draw.

My brother though has been teaching himself to draw over the past couple of years. As I watched his drawing develop I was really impressed with what he was creating. That boy had some talent!

I still had no idea of what I could write about for a children’s book. Until one year ago.

A year ago I travelled to Japan. It was a wonderful country with fantastic food, a unique and quirky culture, beautiful scenery and friendly people. It was on this trip that I came up with an idea. A book that would encourage children to get out into the world and try new things. Two things I’m passionate about; new experiences and travel.

I knew the first book would be based in Japan, as this was where the idea was born. However, I knew I wanted to take her to other countries as well, eventually.

I started writing while I was still in Japan and decided I would approach Rohan with the idea of him illustrating the book when I got home.

When I first approached him he was hesitant and fair enough it was a big task I was proposing to him! I’m so thankful though that after some careful consideration and an initial meeting about it, he said yes!

He went home and developed a character – from scratch!

When he first introduced me to The Little Adventurer I was quietly nervous. Would I like what he had created? Would it fit with the picture I had in my head?

Well it exceeded my expectations and as she continued to grow and develop she just got better and better. She was exactly what I was hoping for.

As Rohan started sending me pages of the book each time I was blown away at what he was creating. He was bringing this story to life. It was better than I could have ever hoped. I knew we were creating something special.

I’m really proud of what we have created. The idea of the book is that it can be used by parents to:

  • use as a guide for a child who will soon travel to Japan. There are even a list of new experiences to try while in Japan!
  • encourage their child to try new things. Not every one gets to travel to Japan, so there is also a list of Japanese experiences you can try at home!

I believe that new experiences and travel (international and domestic) opens the world up to all of us. The world is a classroom and when a child goes out and tries new things they will grow and expand.

So buy a copy and get out there with your child. You won’t regret it.

In my experience, the best thing parents and educators can do for a child [with autism] is get the child out into the world – [with appropriate supports]. Of course that’s true of all children, [not just those with autism]: the children who progress the most, who develop to their fullest potential, are those who are exposed to a variety of experiences.” Barry M. Prisand, PHD, Uniquely Human: A different way of seeing autism.


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