Norn Lup? – A Journey of Railways, Roads and Wats



We choose to walk for those who did not have the choice

In memory of prisoners of war from WWII, siblings Rachel and Luke embarked on a 325km walk from Ban Pong to Sangkhla Buri in Thailand. Shadowing the footsteps of the F Force’s treacherous forced march during the construction of the infamous Death Railway, and guided only by simple, and sometimes out of date, maps and curious locals, Rachel and Luke took whatever route was necessary. They walked along the still existing track of the Death Railway, climbed dam walls, meandered along roads into remote villages and climbed the mountainous terrain of the Thai jungle. Along the way they were terrorised by dogs, constantly asked ‘Where you going?’ and spent their nights in wats, one even in a cave, experiencing first hand the kindness of the Thai people.

Norn Lup? – A Journey of Railways, Roads and Wats is a modern day adventure inspired by the footsteps of men gone before. An enthralling account of what happens when newly married, adventurous Rachel leaves her husband behind to venture out into the world with her brother. As she battles with the reality of her past, present and future, this expedition will not only be a test of endurance and strength but of relationships as well.



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